Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Screen printed inros

Tried my hand at screen printing my inros and using Lazertran INKJET (the new one) transfer paper, works a treat but I did notice the corner of one of them come up a bit, will have to check 'Glass Attic' (thanks to Diana Black for this very comprehensive reference to anything polymer!) to find out whether I can put a sealer over the top. Still, I'm pretty pleased with the way these have worked out. I love the screen printed look.


Janis said...

Wow Mel they are gorgeous and I am going to have to try it. What did you mould your clay over?

France said...

holy guacamole!!! THEY ARE GORGEOUS!!! goodness, where's that Donna Kato tutorial I have, I want one!!! The green one is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS Mel!!! Ooooh!!!!! I'm green, like it, with envy at your talent!!! So lucky that you share your beauties with us on your blog!!! THANK YOU!

Mel said...

hehe...thanks ladies! My fan club! Love ya for it! For my mould, I used a 2 inch tall petite four cutter by Ateco (bought from Polymer Clay Express in the US of A years ago).
I didn't use the Kato inro tute though, I made an easier one. You'll notice it doesn't have an 'inner sleeve' or open in the middle like hers do. This one is just one sheet wrapped around the mould with a lid. I'm ALL about choosing the easy path!


Susan said...

Hi Mel,
They are beautiful! I had made some and loved working on them and then just stopped and moved on. Now I've been in kind of a slump but you've re-inspired me to make some more! I'm so happy I found your blog!

Kathi said...

Hey Mel, I have sealed over the lasertrans inkjet stuff without a problem. Those are really beautiful gf!

catherien said...

Absolutely gorgeous inros, Mel. Your talent never ceases to amaze me!

Mel said...

Susan, Kathi and Catherien, what a lovely surprise to wake up to messages from the other side of the world this morning! Thanks so much for your lovely comments...and for the tip about sealers Kath!

Susan Turney said...

Hey Mel,
I found your blog again!!! And now it's bookmarked! I'm off to peruse!