Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hectors pieces

Thought you might want to have a gander at some of the work Hector produced during his stay here. He's been claying for less than a year and already produces the work of a pro! Some of these pieces haven't been sanded and polished yet but you sure can tell which ones have!


France said...

Oh how nice! I would love to know how to do those beads a la Donna Kato (I bet it's in her book, huh?) I can do the spiral beads, but not striped like that! NICE!!! and the first image (mokume gane) is fabulous! Just beautiful, and the green bracelet is my favourite I think! Hmmm, to have a bit of free time to create these days!!!
Thanks for sharing, with your guidance, and his talent, Hector is on his way to stardom!!


debsx said...

What beautiful work you're doing Hector. And what a great teacher you are Mel! I love the foiled glass bead look, and then tile bracelet. Never tried silk screening but i'd love to give it a go one day. Gorgeous! I feel all inspired to try some new things
Well done Hector!


Janis said...

Gorgeous Hector. Looking at others work inspires me to keep going. Thank you Mel for sharing those pictures, in fact all your pictures inspire me even the snake ones.