Monday, February 25, 2008

Great new metal clay book

The Handbook of Metal Clay, Textures and Forms is a new book by Hadar Jacobson which I received (and devoured!) from Roz at Eclectic Studio the other day. I'm very impressed with this book. Not only do I love Hadars work and the fabulous projects, she writes about all kinds of valuable tricks and tips and this book comes with tons of good clear photos.
Also...a rare sighting of me with lippy! Had to have some pics taken for the magazine article and though I rarely wear makeup, I still remember how to put lipstick on, much to my husbands horror. Nice pic of the studio view too...everything is so lush from almost 7 weeks of rain!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Hollowy vessely pmc

Last time I made hollow vessels and beads using cork clay, they kinda bubbled and bent outa shape. I put it down to using recycled paste this time I used fresh paste and voila! No probs at all. The urn vesse looks big but it's not even 3/4 inch tall, the others about 1 1/2 inches. Got a goddess theme going on right now. Who knows why, she just slips in there every now and then. These would look better hung but I've run out of silver chain...sorry.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Polymer Clay Daily

I just about choked on my coffee the other day when I wandered over to Polymer Clay Daily, the wonderful site Cynthia Tinapple writes about what's happening and the who's who of the polymer clay world...because guess what? It was my turn! My moment of glory. I must say it was a fabulous write up and made me realise yet again, how lucky I am living this gorgeous creative life up here in the tropical wilderness. I love my life! And I'm ever so happy to share my home and my studio with anyone who wants a few days break from the rat race. Check my workshop page for details.
Oh...and the link to the featured article...

And for those who want a pic or two, how about these...had a small window of opportunity to silver clay...and took it.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

French tutorial translated into english

This isn't my's Violettes from Parole de Pate..but I'm certainly going to be trying out the tutorial. Those wonderful people at Parole de Pate often have interesting little morsels to the form of wonderful jewellery or tutorials. This latest tutorial deserves a special mention...because they have especially translated the tutorial from french to english for us! Waahhooo. Next block of time I get, I'll be giving this a go!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Making tube bails using Makins Core Adaptor

Well, talk about positive feedback! I've just been asked if I'd send my pmc tube bailed necklaces with polymer clay focals and end caps to the writer of a new book on polymer clay and mixed media. Using my mum's expression...I'm tickled pink! Here's a couple of pics of one of's a reversible bead, the wearer can chose what side she wants showing.
I also wanted to show pics of the Makins core adaptors in action...for those who haven't seen it. The example here uses polymer clay but it's just as suitable for silver clay. I have two extruders, one for silver and one for as to avoid contamination. There are two sets (of different sizes) of core adaptors which are easily cleaned so I only have one set of these. I was impressed with the Makins extruder already (I love the dotty canes it makes!) but now I've used the core adaptors, I'm doubly impressed... and I imagine I'll be using it a lot more judging from all the great feebback these pmc tube bails have been getting.
You can buy Makins products from Jen Tattam at Metal Clay Australia

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Sculpture Park

I've been making some wonderful things but since they're in the same vein as the 'rock swap comp', I can't take pics cos it'll take away the surprise. Which is why I've left you with these gorgeous pics of the Sculpture Park in Ballina that I went to last week. I'm so pleased I did. It was a real treat. Here are some of my favorite pics...that top sculpture with all the goddesses is fabulous isn't it?! These are all purposely taken in high quality shots so if you want to click on them, you'll be able to see detail.