Friday, May 30, 2008

Workshop fun!

Meet Rosemary! I don't often remember the camera when I'm teaching, but since it's been a while between blog posts and I needed pics, we snapped a few off while Rosemary was staying with us for a three day CCIP clay retreat. These pics were taken on the last day and since we flew through the workshop, I asked Rosemary whether there was anything she'd like to try with me. Well, trust her to say 'a signature cane'...ha! Talk about jumping from grade school to uni in one swoop! Well, if she was up for it, so was I, so here we are at the end of the day starting on her signature cane. It's not totally finished, she wants to put a border around it yet and will finish it at home...but over a glass of wine, she learned a lot about cane building and we had a ball making it...
Our lives have been busier than usual so I'm sorry there hasn't been as many claying posts as usual. It's been a few weeks of concentrating on the property, tree lopping and milling and general advancement towards designing a guest house. If you want to see what we've been up to, check out our personal blog.

Monday, May 12, 2008


Cynthia Blantons blog is always full of great info. Today it's about blogging and being alerted when your favorite blogs have been updated without having to go there first.
Ok, so I've taken some time out, don't be too quick to scold me. I have a husband with a lame foot so everything he normally does, I have to do. Y'know, nothing like a little wake up call to appreciate the ones you love is there? Anyway, it's been a pleasure to look after him these last few days...till about midday...then I start to get antsy and by evening I'm ready to snap. LOL! Eckhart Tolle ( Oprahs favorite right now) would say to bring some awareness to the emotion...not to fuel it with more thoughts but simply to watch it arise and recognise it as habit of the ego. And ya know, it's true. Cos when these feelings come up and I simply watch them, not trying to engage them, not trying to change them, not pushing them away, not resisting them, not even having an opinion about them, just simply let them be there and watch...they disappear! Yes, really! So while I haven't been claying AT ALL, I have been on another creative inner creative journey. And all cos of Curt's bung foot! Blessings come in all kinds of ways...