Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hectors clay retreat

Meet Hector! He came for a two day 'free choice' clay retreat. Doncha LUV it when your claying guests choose to do some of your favorite techniques. Man, we had the best time! In a two day workshop, he learned about screen printing and how to make and assemble a curved tile bracelet, made a beautiful set beads and the most stunning pendant using the mokume gane technique with daisy bead inclusions, did my own version of faux glass (with gold foil) bead technique, practiced finishing techniques (sanding and buffing), learned how to make swirly beads using my more deliberate method (as opposed to using scrap clay) with striped canes, made some fabulous skinner blended canes (with stripes...inspired by Donna Kato) and rolled them into snaily pendants and other playful shapes (they have yet to be sanded but what a fab job he's done)...and in the last couple of hours we experimented with a technique out of Donna Katos new book which I can't stop raving about...making a laminate with liquid kato sauce and heat set Genisis paints, gold foil, stamping. Pity about the bubbling on one of the transfers eh! That's a lazertran inkjet decal which we wanted to 'test'...bad didn't work like we hoped. But he'll be able to save the rest of the thin flexible laminate for pendants and such, it's a 4inch square sheet. The fabulous thing about this flexible sheet method is that it wraps around curved surfaces...which broaden the possibilities tremendously ie inros, lampshades, votives, furniture, curved pendants (so much classier than flat doncha think?)...the list goes on I'm sure. Will definitely be experimenting further with all this.

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