Friday, September 28, 2007


The view outside my studio window is just amazing right now with the jacaranda tree in flower. And just to add to the picture, see what passed by us this morning! No wonder I get so 'wired' with ideas, this place is truly inspirational.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Inros Donna Kato style

I have holes and buna cord still to add but for better or worse, these are the finished inros.
Susan (see 'comments section' last post) will know what I mean when I say a really interesting thing happened when I went to add the bulbous look to the tops and black premo could only take so much stretching, so I couldn't create the lovely more rounded look I wanted. Looks like I'm going to have to make my next lot using kato clay for the tops and bottoms too. Didn't have any black kato on hand unfortunately. Trust Donna to write tutorials that suit her own clay better than any of the others. Smart cookie that one:) I'm still very happy with my Premo for most things, it's a great 'all rounder' but Kato clay sure does do a better job for some things.

Anyway, I'm still pleased with these and will know what to do in the future.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

What's on the table?

Nope, not one finished thing. But a few items in progress. I like spreading out, I have two tables on the go almost all the time. I actually have three but the third one is just a mess and is awaiting the cleaning fairies. They never come when you want them!
I'm definitely on a Donna Kato binge. I really grok with her work. It's classy, colourful and often fun.
The purpley cane is basically a skinnerblend plug with lines. I've managed to suss out how Donna does those gorgoeus squiggles of hers. Or rather, I've sussed out my version, maybe hers is different but it comes to the same thing. Hopefully, I'll have a finished necklace for you to see later this week. One thing to note. I've been using Kato clay for this last lot and I found it holds the lines in the cane much better than Premo. Fancy that. See, that's why I never get stuck on just one clay. Each brand behaves differently and what may not work so well with one brand will work great with another.
In the second pic, you'll see two half made inros. Again Donna's technique. Although this one is from her great new book. If you don't have, get it. I've been claying for six years...or is it seven now? Anyway, I've learned a lotfrom this book and I've also thoroughly enjoyed the adventure...which basically means it's written well and there's no room for error except your own. I'm still trying to work out why my transfers leaked black ink a bit, had to erase and touch em up with pencils. I used the photocopy wet the back method of transfers. Premo was used for the most part, except for the translucent clay overlay. I didn't have much success with using Premo trans over my last inked inros and I heard that Kato trans stretches much better and doesn' plaque up as much...and you know, they were right. I've just pulled them out of the oven and 'look mum, it's all clear'! Will pop pics of finished pieces later on in the week.
Sooooo...what's on your table this week?

Sunday, September 16, 2007

pillow beads...yes...still:)

These beads are the result of re-writing my pillow bead tutorial using surface techniques with metallic acrylic paints, foils and crackled gold leaf. I decided to go the whole hog with that last lot of green beads, covering the entire painted/foiled sheet with an ultrathin layer of crackled gold leaf encased in translucent.
They may take a while to upload since I had to take them in high resolution...but if you click on them, particularly the last close up of the crackled leaf jobby, you'll see the wondrous layered luminosity.

Monday, September 10, 2007

What? No photo?

Yup. Absolutely nothing to show for a whole weeks work! That's cos I've taken a week off claying. Every now and then I just get clayed out and need to stop. I've had a glorious week of being 'madam muck' carting mushroom compost to the vegie garden and planting new seeds and generally getting earthed! Now I'm all topped up I'm ready to hit the clay table...which is just as well as I have a tutorial to write for a magazine and have accumulated no less than 15 ideas of possible exhibition pieces during this week of hiatus. Amazing what happens when you just STOP for a while and let things seep up of their own accord. I'll post a pic as soon as I have something to show you!