Sunday, September 23, 2007

What's on the table?

Nope, not one finished thing. But a few items in progress. I like spreading out, I have two tables on the go almost all the time. I actually have three but the third one is just a mess and is awaiting the cleaning fairies. They never come when you want them!
I'm definitely on a Donna Kato binge. I really grok with her work. It's classy, colourful and often fun.
The purpley cane is basically a skinnerblend plug with lines. I've managed to suss out how Donna does those gorgoeus squiggles of hers. Or rather, I've sussed out my version, maybe hers is different but it comes to the same thing. Hopefully, I'll have a finished necklace for you to see later this week. One thing to note. I've been using Kato clay for this last lot and I found it holds the lines in the cane much better than Premo. Fancy that. See, that's why I never get stuck on just one clay. Each brand behaves differently and what may not work so well with one brand will work great with another.
In the second pic, you'll see two half made inros. Again Donna's technique. Although this one is from her great new book. If you don't have, get it. I've been claying for six years...or is it seven now? Anyway, I've learned a lotfrom this book and I've also thoroughly enjoyed the adventure...which basically means it's written well and there's no room for error except your own. I'm still trying to work out why my transfers leaked black ink a bit, had to erase and touch em up with pencils. I used the photocopy wet the back method of transfers. Premo was used for the most part, except for the translucent clay overlay. I didn't have much success with using Premo trans over my last inked inros and I heard that Kato trans stretches much better and doesn' plaque up as much...and you know, they were right. I've just pulled them out of the oven and 'look mum, it's all clear'! Will pop pics of finished pieces later on in the week.
Sooooo...what's on your table this week?


Polka Dot Creations said...

Very nice! My clay table looks a lot like yours - I had a class with Donna Kato last weekend, so anything I've attempted to work on since then has had a definite Kato-esque bent to it :-) I really like your inros! You can see mine here.

Kathi said...

sweet Mel! I am loving the squiggles....of course since purple *IS* my fav color yanno :)

Whats on my table?? um...a couple flower canes half made...I freeking ran out of trans clay for packing. sheesh. Then there are the bases for a couple channakiots, some blends ready for eye cane making, um some ear wires with bling ready for finished earrings. in other words, way too much for a small table such as mine.

Mel said...

oooo, thanks for your blog link Lisa. GORGEOUS inros and pendants there. Hope mine look as good once they're completed.
And Kath, what a bummer, running outa trans! I've done the exact same thing a couple of times. It's maddening. And I'm so relieved other people have tables overflowing too.
Gotcha BOTH on my google reader now so I don't miss out on the fun you're having. :)

Kathi said... mean we are supposed to be having fun doing this?? *snork* I just got home from having fun....which was taking a ride on my motorcycle Ame' (who would look perfect in those purple squiggles)

I actually dug deep in my boxes of clay and found a pound of Kato trans so I can finish these three canes. I will pick up about 5 more pounds at SC...or order from Donna before I go. depends on how rich feel.

Susan said...

Hi Mel,
My table is so crowded I have about 1' to work!!! I clean it off and within an hour or so I'm back to feeling squished! I've been making huge pendants for the last 2 days using the goldleaf/ink technique in DK's book.
Big jewelry seems to be in this year. I'm going to take a day or two off to get inspired and make some more!
I'm glad you agree with me about the Kato trans. It's amazing and so much better than anything else. Now I only use it for layering and use anything else for packing canes since I cut it all off anyway.
P.S. Love the flower on the other exciting!!!