Sunday, September 16, 2007

pillow beads...yes...still:)

These beads are the result of re-writing my pillow bead tutorial using surface techniques with metallic acrylic paints, foils and crackled gold leaf. I decided to go the whole hog with that last lot of green beads, covering the entire painted/foiled sheet with an ultrathin layer of crackled gold leaf encased in translucent.
They may take a while to upload since I had to take them in high resolution...but if you click on them, particularly the last close up of the crackled leaf jobby, you'll see the wondrous layered luminosity.


missbeb said...

I discover your blog at this time. I work with polymer clay to (in France). Your pillow beads are wonderful.
I will come back!!

Kathi said...

drool-licious Mel, thats all I have to say. And now...where is the tutorial?

Mel said...

Ooo can't just say you work with polymer and leave me hanging without giving me your blog/web site? I'd love to see! Thanks for the compliment on my pillow beads! Very much appreciated!
And Kath me darling, thank you too. It's going in a magazine sometime but it'll be an aussie one so I'll send you your very own copy. Promise!

missbeb said...

Hi Mel
My blog adress :

See U soon !