Thursday, December 20, 2007

Silver doodles

This is what I've done with some of those pmc doodles. The delicate little doodle with the gorgeous blend (I just love those 'beach' colours together) is awfully delicate...which is why I only made one. It's rolled out on a #7 on the pasta machine, a little liquid clay added to the underside of the silver clay and then I pressed the doole into the thin pc sheet and cut around the edges. I do love it although I'm not very confident it will hold together as liquid clay is for clay on clay and I'm afraid the slightest flex on the silver will cause it to snap off. I'd use the Lisa Pavelka glue that is formlated to take the oven heat but alas, it always goes gunky after only a few uses. I heard about Donna Katos new glue which I bought because it comes with special clean up material and instructons so that it can be used over and over again without clogging. Does anyone know if it deteriorates in the oven? Will have to do some of my own tests to see.

Anyhow, it's coming up christmas and I'm in the mood to get festive this year so I'm going to down tools for a few days and catch up with you all next week. I'd like to wish everyone a wonderful christmas and a very creative and fulfilling new year. Thanks so much for being your beautiful selves and coming to visit, I've loved your comments and your enthusiasm. A passion shared is so much sweeter!


Libby said...

I think if it were me, I'd pop the silver off after the clay was baked and apply a very thin line of 2 part epoxy to the back of the silver. Or you could make a silver backing piece and rivet the two parts together.

Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year to you too!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Melly.

You deserve a break-go to the beach-read a book-simply enjoy being with friends!

Take care over the break. Also love that green coloured bead-reminds me of belongil.


Mel said...

Thanks for that Libby!
I'm inclined to agree with you regarding epoxy. I did that with the midnight blue to white pieces, popped the silver off after baking and then epoxied them back in but didn't with the delicate piece because it's more inset than overlayed. Still, next time I make these I'll 'overlay rather than inset and do what you suggested. Better to use what you know works eh! I'll need to buy myself a jewelers saw for riveting some time too. Thanks for the reminder.
And thanks Esme, wonderful to hear from you. Hope you have a lovely break too!

Libby said...

You can still use epoxy with a silver piece that is essentially inlaid into polymer. As long as the clay is completely cured, you can flex the clay a tiny bit and you should be able to pop the silver piece off. Then you just have to be careful to apply the epoxy very sparingly. It's the way I apply the silver frames on some of my pieces.

Jeweler's saws are pretty cheap. You've got to try out all those fun things you learned from Robert Dancik!

Kathi said...

Hey Melly Mel. Donna's glue works great in the oven and holds well. However, Libby has a great idea too.

no matter what you do, those are drop dead wonderful. now I have the silver itch again dang nabit.

Mel said...

Thanks about the heads up on Donna glue Kathi. Go scratch that itch girl! :)

Debbie said...

Gorgeous. Love the combinations of the Skinner Blend polymer clay and the delicate PMC. Absolutely gorgeous!

Have a wonderful, relaxing, and charmed Christmas.