Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Poiple Pillow Bead Earrings and Necklace

I had enough of those purple pillow beads (below) to make three sets of earrings (one which has been tagged for the USofA already!) and a necklace. One pair of earrings has been uploaded to my new online esty store if you want them (first link in 'links' section on RH side of this page) In fact, I've just loaded a whole pile of stuff to my store. The necklace is waiting to be professionally photographed. I'm looking forward to see how these beads look in the hands on a real professional.


Kathi said...

*dance* *dance*

deb said...

they're really beautiful Mel. Outstanding work as usual. Will you post a pic of them once the professional photographer takes photos? I'd love to see the difference it can make to the finished pieces. I think your photography pics look awsome so i can't imagine a huge difference?
Did you use your new lightbox setup to take these shots? They're nice and clear.

lovely lovely lovely