Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sydney workshop

Here are some pics of the Sydney workshop in early March. We all had a simply marvelous time and I will be back in October for those of you who want more! Perth will have to wait a wee bit longer as I plan to go back in March. Wonderful to have a bloke at the Sydeny workshop, thanks to Carl for being brave enough to hang out with the women.
The group pic, for those who want to know who's who...from left to right...Maria, Kerry, Janet, Carl, Kathy and moi!


Kathi said...

man, it looked like you had a blast at both the workshops Mel. I am sad I couldn't be there.....damn ocean.

Caly's Jewelry Creations said...

Looks like an awesome time was had by all...is that a watercolor technique..?? I want to fly over and join you...lol...!

Anonymous said...

Oh My word, how I would love to be where I could take a class. Your work is so lovely. Makes me dream that maybe one day, I can make something even one tenth as beautiful. Also so special to see all your friends together and having a lovely day. Hugs, Beverly Jane