Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Perth Polymer and Silver Clay workshop fun!

Last weekend I taught a precious metal and polymer clay combo workshop in Perth made available to Aussiepolyclayer members and CCIP artisans. What fabulous fun we had! Made even more so by the bonds that have been formed over many years of chatting online at the Aussiepolyclay Forum. Many of us know each other quite well but have never met in person till now so you can imagine how wonderful it was to finally get together for a weekend of clay fun.

Thanks to my folks for opening up their home for this wonderful event and to all those who participated, a huge thanks to you all for making it a joyful gathering.

Special thanks to Pam Annesley for hijacking me straight after the workshop for an extra two days of claying and experimenting at her home studio in Bindoon.

Stay tuned next week for pics of the Sydney workshop coming up this weekend and also the announcement and pics of the polymer jewellery challenge for both groups.

Debbie and Lex have one of many cheeky moments while I lend a hand.
Zarina finger painting!

Julie merrily painting a polymer clay sheet.

Zarina in an 'ooops, careful' moment! We can all relate to this one!

Lex and Debbie working with silver clay

Julie cutting strips of silver clay.

Group pic...left to right...Silvia, Merryl, Lex, Debbie, Zarina and Pam. Front, Mel and Julie.

Examples of the pieces that were being taught.

Talk about concentration!

Ooey gooey painting fun!


Kathi said...

Oh Man Mel, it looks like you had a blast! Iso wish I could be down under to clay and play with you all. Can't wait to see what the next group does :) hugs

Susan Turney said...

What great pics, Mel. It looks like you had a wonderful time!!! I'm so happy you're getting out and teaching and enjoying yourself!

Amanda said...

I completely missed this due to some family things that were happening and then I forgot to register etc.!! Bummer!

Julz said...

Mel...Zarina is sooo gonna kill you if she sees that piccie of her...LOL!!!!
I had the bestest most awesome time...and look...I even got some work done...proof...LOL!!! Debbie and Lex were a blast...and Zarina was as beautiful as I imagined...and you know I think you are awesome.
Soooo...what date are you coming back next year...giggles

Mel said...

hehehe...Julz...I know Zarina will wanna kill me...but some risks have to be taken in the name of art and 'we can so relate' pics. I think everyone has that oops look on their face in a class...just a fluke that the camera was able to grab that shot. It's a classic and just couldn't be overlooked.