Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Metal clay focal toggle clasp

Here's something different for me. Not the green...we all know I love green...but I've never made a large focal toggle clasp before and rather like the way this came together. Thanks to Ann for the idea! Don't you love how arty people share ideas and learn from each other. That leaf charm is a sage leaf...a leaf I had read wouldn't take the PMC paste well. Ha! Just goes to show you not to be put off by what you read. I've thrown it together with some green turquoise and freshwater pearls. Remind me to take a proper beading class. I've no idea how to use thread, I've always wired my necklaces with a really ultra flexible wire but only for simple necklaces like this. The instant I want soft dangley bits and additional loops of pearls, I'm in trouble cos the wire doesn't cut it. So it's off to a beading and knot tying class in 2009! Good heavens, that's only about 6 weeks away! Whoosh! What a year!


Kathi said...

wow Mel, that toggle clasp focal really rocks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Melly

Looks just like a sage leaf too!

Love the green as well.


JF said...

I love it Mel.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mel, Just wanted to let you know that the toggle clasp is stunning... and love the added dangle... very pretty!

Mel said...

You girls are great. So good to get your feedback!

Anonymous said...

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