Monday, February 04, 2008

Making tube bails using Makins Core Adaptor

Well, talk about positive feedback! I've just been asked if I'd send my pmc tube bailed necklaces with polymer clay focals and end caps to the writer of a new book on polymer clay and mixed media. Using my mum's expression...I'm tickled pink! Here's a couple of pics of one of's a reversible bead, the wearer can chose what side she wants showing.
I also wanted to show pics of the Makins core adaptors in action...for those who haven't seen it. The example here uses polymer clay but it's just as suitable for silver clay. I have two extruders, one for silver and one for as to avoid contamination. There are two sets (of different sizes) of core adaptors which are easily cleaned so I only have one set of these. I was impressed with the Makins extruder already (I love the dotty canes it makes!) but now I've used the core adaptors, I'm doubly impressed... and I imagine I'll be using it a lot more judging from all the great feebback these pmc tube bails have been getting.
You can buy Makins products from Jen Tattam at Metal Clay Australia


Libby said...

Congratulations! That's a lovely solution to the ever present bail dilemma. Your polymer end caps are great too. Polymer and PMC are both so adaptable.

One of these days I should probably try the core adapter. I own one, but I've never tried it. LOL

Kathi said...

ok the book the one I sent you info on?? Mazel Tov and I am dancing for joy!! Talk about happy feet for my friend down under! Some day I will get a makings extruder and the core adaptors. that would be when my ship comes in *g*

Susan said...

Congratulations Mel! That necklace is beautiful and the tube bail is great!! How exciting to be "in print"!

tina said...

Beautiful necklace! Love the colour and use of fiber. The use of the extruder, great finesse!

Mel said...

hehe...I too had the core adaptor for a months gathering dust before I used it Libby...but now I have, I'm hooked. You will be too. It's such a lovely way to deal with bails.
Kathi...yes, it's the same one. Without you, it would never have happened. You are such a great friend, to nudge me into it!
Susan, thanks for sharing the excitement with me! And Tina, lovely to meet you and thanks for your positive vibes.