Wednesday, October 03, 2007


I had fun with my friend Zoe yesterday and we made rings! The pics are pretty bad...sorry. But click on them and you'll get a better closeup view.
Years ago I went to a silver clay workshop run by Maggie Bergman (who's a fabulous teacher and a really nice person too) and the only item I didn't like of all the things I made was this textured band ring. Since I don't wear rings anyway, they've been on the back burned all these years. But I've had three enquiries in the last couple of months from people wanting to learn to make pmc rings and so I thought I'd better practice. I'm pretty pleased with this first time effort. Still heaps of room for improvement but by this time next month, I'll have it down!

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Anonymous said...

I've never met someone who doesnt' wear rings! Is there a reason for that? You don't like the feeling on your fingers?

A pity - coz u make such nice ones :)