Thursday, October 25, 2007

More combo pieces

I'd made a silver clay leaf pendant a month ago which I finally now just filled with a beautiful translucent teal polymer leaf cane...this beautiful design is Jen Tattam's from Metal Clay Australia and the Contemporary Clay Instrcutors Program. I made a round reversed bevel fine silver one yesterday too and filled it with some old canes I made years ago. The rose cane is about 7 years old and the butterfly about three. Amazing how long canes keep. I rarely cane these days, so many other things taking my attention and I have so many in my drawers that I really want to use those up before I start on another cane frenzy. It's like that with canes, you get in the mood and pretty soon, it's all you want to do. Just about time to get into it again. There's a new caning video out by Judy Belcher which is s'posed to be fabulous so I think I'll order that to get me in the mood....


Kathi said...

I have Judy's dvd. It IS good. Heck...even I, caning fool that I am, learned a few new tricks from it. I have only made it halfway through....guess I should watch the rest of it soon eh?

I see you got blog spammed. gads I hate spambots.

Janis said...

Love them Mel! I am very interested in silver clay/pc combination. Can't wait for Artsfest.
Love Jan

Connie (The Purple Blogging Princess) said...

Love them Mel! GORGEOUS!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Melly
Love these bezel things.

We had a great time at CF's class. What a wonderful person and teacher and so helpful. Nothing was too much for her.

I made a funny green thing that you might call a 'turtle' however it has flowers and leaves on its back so looks somewhat unusual.

Anyrate now I want to learn bezels. Why isn't there more time in a day.