Saturday, May 16, 2009

Inro (wearable vessel)

Out of that mess (see messy table previous post) came this delightful little number. Moulded over an EMPTY cigarette lighter, screen printed and stamped with my very own hand made stamp using photopolymer plates.
This inro is a lot easier to make than the previous ones I've made. Like this. In fact, it took me less than three hours where as the other one took me around 8 hours! I've written a tutorial on this latest one for Australian Beading magazine's October issue...and since that's such a long way off, I'll remind you when it's out!


Tonja Lenderman said...

Mel, That is gorgeous!! Green, Asian and an inro. Right up my alley :) Didi you see my new inro? It's in my latest blog post.

Swati said...

WOW!! This is gorgeous!!

Susan Turney said...

Mel, it's beautiful! I love everything about it!

Anonymous said...

Love the colour of this-not mormally partial to metallic or green colours but this is a lovely green with a lot of depth to it.

Nice shape as well.

Love the fact that you made your own stamp as well.

In fact the whole thing is gorgeous and would really look lovely with the black v neck top I have on today.


Anonymous said...

Nice post. Thanks