Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Sydney Botanical Garden Inspiration

This little blogger has been too busy teaching and travelling this last month and the few pieces I'm working on in fits and starts haven't been finished so by way of apology I have some inspirational pics I took at the Sydney Botanical Gardens while there for our first CCIP conference/retreat (which by the way was a fabulous success!...more on that later in the week).
The pic directly above looks like giant bok choy doesn't it? And how do like those carnivorous beauties in the hanging basket? My particular favorite was the reb bamboo...I wanna plant some of those in my own garden...that red is so striking. And don't you think that sculpture would be fabulous in silver clay syringe or flexible clay ropes...? In miniture ofcourse.
After today's teaching little ones at Mullumbimby school vacation care, I am a free bird till sometime next week so I'll be claying my little heart out. Am soooo psyched to be finally getting some ME time! Have a heap of new things I want to try. Back soon...pwomise!


Kathi said...

Mel....what IS that basket looking one at the very top? That is so awesome!

time to breath gf. No rest and clay play can make a very sad girl yanno

Anonymous said...

Hi Melly

I'm going to make you envious as I look at the gardens from the window in my office. I only get to see the tree tops but that is still pretty special.

I must agree with you in that I love that pod thing and always try to see it each time I go across to the garden.

We are just so lucky here to have such a spectacular garden and in such a wonderful setting.


JF said...

It's always so nice to read your blog because it is full of energy and it inspires me. Looking forward to more.

Mel said...

Kathi, they're called tropical pitcher plants...very weird and wonderful insect eaters. They grow in the Asia Pacific region from Australia to Thailand.
Oh yes, this girl is gonna play all weekend!

Esme, you must have a glorious view from your office window! Lucky get to go somewhere beautiful in your lunch hour.

Mel said...

awww, thanks Jan!

Hey Kath, just realized you didn't mean the hanging basket but the pod like SCULPTURE! Cool innit?

Christelle said...

Hi Mel
You've received a weblog award!
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