Saturday, November 10, 2007

Robert Dancik

I'm back after a whirlwind trip to Brissy doing a Robert Dancik workshop. Loved my day with Robert, learned HEAPS, had a ball! I must say here though that I discovered I am NOT a jeweller! While many of the crew seemed to have taken to sawing and riveting like a duck to water, I didn't like it at all!. Mind you, it was good for a laugh. I noticed Hector kept looking at my antics with a big smile, must've been amusing to watch Melly with a saw! But sweating over a saw and a drill just ain't me and I doubt I'll be doing much more of it. I will however be endlessly grateful for the way Robert instilled a whole new way at looking at work. There were all kinds of tasty titbits to gnaw on ideas-wise but the thing that will really stay with me is how I will look at art/jewellery now. I walked away with a new appreciation of art and will never throw another piece of mine out again! He has tremenous communication skills too and a genuine interest in each and every person and if I hadn't had all kinds of commitments planned by then, I'd have easily given the credit card another hammering and stayed for the other two days. If you get an opportunity to take any one of his classes, grab it with both hands!
I didn't take many pics but I managed to shoot off a couple. That's Roberts in the white shirt ofcourse and aussiepolyclayers Hector looking good in basic black and sawing his heart out (not literally!). Unfortunately the two pics I took of May Bartrum, our host and metal clay artist extrordinaire, didn't pan out (read: she'd kill me if I posted them!) but she will get a special mention here because she's amazing too. If you live in Brisbane and want to learn metal clay, our MayBee is the bees knees!


Libby said...

I'm glad you got to take a workshop with Robert Dancik. I loved the class I had with him last June. It really changed my work. I loved seeing all his pieces, parts and process examples.

Mel said...

Yes Libby! In fact, I knew I was going to have to do this workshop the day I read your blog entry on his class. So thanks for your part in all this.
I got a LOT out of this workshop. On different levels than I expected. In fact, now that I'm relaxing at home, I realise things are filtering through, that I got a lot more than I bargained for. It's really making me stretch my mind and looking at things differently. I definitely have more to say so I'll leave it for another blog entry.

Kim Cavender said...

I agree, Melly! Robert is amazing and a fascinating individual. I really enjoyed the workshop I took from him.