Thursday, July 05, 2007

Leaf Lock Pendant

You'll notice that I worked out how to incorporate a slide show of pics in my blog, just not sure how to move it over the other side so if anyone who has one knows, could you tell me? Thanks!
Also discovered how to include titles in the messages......I'll be a computer nerd yet!
I made a leaf lock pendant today from a tutorial by the wonderful Jen Tattam (Metal Clay Aust and CCIP founder). It's one of the precious metal clay/polymer clay projects we're teaching through CCIP. It has a Linda Bernstein technique of reversed bevel holding the polymer leaf into place. Classy design eh!


Clare said...

Your leaf is really lovely and the setting is beautifully done. I like it very much.

France said...

Hey Mel, lovely pendant.
I'll email you about the slide show.

Mel said...

Thanks so much girls. And extra big thanks to France for instructions regarding slide show. I did it!

The Lone Beader said...

This is such a cute little leaf:)