Saturday, November 05, 2005

Aussiepolyclayers, a fabulous yahoo group I'm involved in and now id Delphi format too... ...had our first flower cane swap where by everyone made one large cane which was then sent to the cane swap mistress (Wendy did a fabulous job!) who cut them up into how ever many were in the swap and sent everyone a sample of the flowers sent to her. I made my first peony cane, a beautiful full bloomed flower. I decided on an apricot colour to go with my new hair and thank goodness there were some canes made that coloured really well with it. A really lovely rose and a simple but incredibly stunning white daisy/sunflowery flower. I added a few of my own flowers too...and came up with these little beauties. It's like a little garden on a bead! Have more in my sanding tray but just had to get these onto a necklace straight away! I can't wait to use the blue/purpley coloured flowers I was sent...but it'll have to be next week. They're wanting me to work a few more hours at the winery this week and I have another class to patience grasshoppers...the blue and purple flowers are worth it...
Two thumbs up for the flower cane participants!!!

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Anonymous said...

just found your site from the beading mag and low and behold there is one of my canes!!! the orange rose was mine from the swap. Delighted to see it was put to such good use. Keep up the good work and above all....happy claying.
Best wishes
Beatrix Mol