Friday, October 14, 2005

It's Alive!

Da daaaaa! Yep, I've finally done it. I spend a lot of my computer time sharing stories with different clay groups about my clay happenings. I figure having a central spot where I can talk about how different pieces were made would not only save me a lot of time explaining it to the various groups I belong to but would also add to the appeal of the piece by giving the new owner a fuller picture of it's creation.
And we are.


Karen Cooke said...

Go Mel,

That's Fantastic!!!! Well done!

Rose M. Rhodes said...

Way to go Mel. you have a great partner there. Love Rose

Heather said...

Hi Mel,
Love your new blog site! The new flower swap garden beads are just gorgeous - keep it up girl! Yeah to Curtis too for all his support.
Heather :)